Mar 8, 2017

How We Speak Up for Change

Many people ask us how we work together. We would like to tell you how we pick what we work on, rules we keep in mind when we talk to government and if the rules work for us.

1. How do we pick what we work on?

Pie image of basic needs, pride, culture, relationships, networkng We pick what we want to work on by talking about it. When a topic keeps coming up, we decide to do something about it.

Many of the members of the Hall have a disability and understand what we need to do to make life better. Our plan is about lot of what we do as a group to make sure everyone has a good life. (Public benefit).

Hall members work on good services, pride and culture, relationships and networking, enough money to live and a home for all.

2. Rules we keep in mind when we talk to the government

In Canada

Charities have rules when we talk to the government as a group.  When we share our ideas with the government, we have rules to follow to make what we say is for the greater good.  If you want, here is a link to watch a few videos about the rules.

In Alberta

Alberta is also looking at the Alberta Lobbyist Act.

The Act helps people who talk to the Alberta government. There are some ideas in a report for charities and groups to now register as a lobbyist. The December 16, 2016, report tells why non-profits need to be included in the lobbyist act.

In 2007 a lobbyist was a person who speaks to the government for private benefit, they are called lobbyists. Lobbyists are also told they need to register and have to follow certain rules.   At that time, the government said it is ok not to include non-profit groups who speak up for the greater good (public benefit).

Now, to help the government pick what needs to be changed in the act, a group is known as the “Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship” meets. The group will then write a report for the Alberta government cabinet sometime in April
2017.  Link to Lobbyist Act Review.

3. Do the rules work?

The Canada rules work for us.

The Alberta Lobbyist Act may not if the act will now include non-profits.

The Canada government video also says, non-profits work day-to-day with issues and can provide insight into making better policy when talking to the government. There are also Albertans who want to make sure the government does not want the act to include non-profits. The groups say talking to the government about the greater good is very different than private business.  

The Calgary Chamber of Volunteer Organizations (CCVO) posted a joint letter and shared it with the committee. The letter says why there is no need to include non-profits and groups who speak up for the greater good. Other provinces like Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and the City of Toronto also say not to include non-profits to be lobbyists.

The Hall also wrote a letter about why it is important for us to continue to speak up for human rights in order to make good policy that works for Albertans.
Here is a link to our letter.

If you think it is important for you to keep on speaking to the government about how to make life better for Albertans, share your ideas with your Minister of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and the Chair of the Committee before April 2017. (Deadline has passed, we are sending letters).

Address to the Chair of the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship:

Mr. Rod Loyola, MLA and Chair 'Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship'
c/o Committee Clerk 3rd Floor, 9820 107 Street Edmonton, AB T5K 1E7

Share your ideas with your MLA
Visit the street keys website and type in your postal code.  

Feb 14, 2017

Spread the Love!

Wishing everyone LOVE today! Happy St. Valentines!
Join us for our Right to Love Talk February 15th & March 15th, 2017
at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre 1:30 to 3:30 pm.
Call Gaby for more information at 403.283.5580

Jan 23, 2017

Alberta Budgtet talks due by February 3rd

The Alberta government wants to hear your ideas how to take care of the budget. 

Link to website 

The government asks how to best meet Albertans needs without increasing costs or affecting front-line services like health care, education and social services. 

Share your comments and suggestions below until Friday, February 3 at 4:30 p.m

Dec 19, 2016

Happy Holidays!

It has been an incredible year and we a grateful for all the policy changes and recommendations made to ensure Albertans live with dignity. We are now able to afford the bus, to live in the communities of our choice and no longer needing a doctor's note if we wish to get married.  

We wish all of you a safe and joyous holiday and all the best in 2017.

And if you haven't had enough celebrations and wish to enjoy some good eats, 

Come join us for our festive brunch on

Friday, December 23rd from 10 am to 12 pm at the Vantage/SCOPE Office located at 219, 18 Street SE. (Mayland Heights Industrial Park)
(RSVP by Tuesday, December 20th to Anna at 403.509.0200 so we know how much food to prepare). 

Warmest wishes of the Season, 

Members of the Disability Action Hall

Dec 15, 2016

Sharing our gratitude

Sharing our gratitude for Alberta's government listening and putting people first. Thank you.

To read the full report with the 11 recommendations of the Safety Standards Visit the government website to download your copy! 

Dec 9, 2016

Happy International Human Rights Day

Happy International Human Rights Day, December 10th.

Enjoy this illustrated Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (also in many languages).
Quick quiz... which article is about the right to have housing?

Dec 1, 2016

Celebrating Diversity and Sustainability UN December 3 2016

Images of Sustainable Goals and three festivals in Calgary Dec 2
This year United Nations theme for International Day of Disabled Persons are 17 Sustainable Development Goals citizens want by 2030.

Calgary is also celebrating in a big way with three festivals on December 2nd. All events are free admission and family-friendly.

  • The City of Calgary's "Live, play, work and thrive in Calgary" at City Hall 11 am-2 pm
  • Community Celebration at Jack Singer 10am -1 pm
  • Closing reception for the Spark Festival at Indefinite Arts 6 pm-8 pm

Nov 8, 2016

A real big win celebrating all life events for persons with disabilities

Members of the Right to Love Group are very pleased the Alberta Government has amended the "Vital Statistics and Life Events Modernization Act" (Bill 29)

"It is a real step forward for all Albertans and rights a wrong from many years ago."
-Denise Young

The amendment to the act (link to news release) could not have come a better time for the many friends and citizens who happen to also be represented adults in Alberta. 
A real big win celebrating life events
for all Albertans regardless of disability!

Given the November is the month to help reduce family violence, by acknowledging everyone has the right to have a healthy relationship It will help encourage all Albertans to have safe and fulfilling lives.  Historically many persons with developmental disabilities rights to love has been denied.  

"Acknowledging a person’s right to marry is a huge step forward towards recognizing the dignity of person with disabilities to have the same rights as all Albertans. We are very encouraged the Alberta Government that understands there are enough checks and balances within government to assist an individual’s right to choose be married.  We all have the right to love, we all deserve the right to be safe and in happy, healthy relationships."
-Colleen Huston

Members of the Right to Love, The Disability Action Hall and the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, friends and allies from around the province and beyond worked very hard for this amendment and we are very pleased with this symbolic gesture.

Thank you Government of Alberta and to all who helped make this amendment possible.

Here is some of the Right to Love Members answering the question, what is the right to love! 

Congratulations and thank you Alberta Government! 

Nov 5, 2016

Lessons we have learned

Members of the Disability Action Hall will be joining some movers and shakers today at the Community Learning Development Initiative. 

Just in case you missed our talk, check it out! 
Link to our presentation

Oct 26, 2016

Safety Standards Final Report is Out!

The Alberta government sent out the report called "Supporting Safe and Inclusive Lives". 

"This report will help guide the Government of Alberta’s actions to enable Albertans with developmental disabilities to live safely, inclusively, and with dignity at home and in their communities"

Media Coverage
CBC News Edmonton 

The report said there are 11 ways Albertans may live safely in their homes.
Image modified from copywright

Link to the news release
Link to the final report *plainer language
Link to the final report (non-plain language) 

What's next? 

Have a look at the Phase two as to what people said will be important when we move forward.

What Albertans said about 5 ideas talked about in phase two