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October 23, 2017

Check out new Action on Poverty Website

Did you know the government of Alberta has made a new website on Action on Poverty?

Did you know the Alberta government invested 5.1 billion into programs and initiatives in 2017-2018 that may prevent or reduce poverty? 

These 4 areas include:

  • Making life more affordable
  • Supporting wellness and social inclusion
  • Investing in affordable housing and homeless supports
  • Enhancing skills, education and emplacement opportunities.

Check it out and let us know what you think! 

And if you think you might want some help with these services, please call the Alberta Support Centre  nearest you to learn about the 30 program and 120 community services! 

And if you like, you can also call toll free by dialing 1-877-644-9992 

Learn about the new Action on Poverty website! 

October 6, 2017

We Voted! 

Many of us joined in on a vote party.
Vote parties at an advanced polling station make it possible for us to support each other, learn what ward we are in and celebrate democracy! 

Advanced stations have ballots for all 14 wards and it is very helpful given there are new boundary changes.

Still undecided? 

How does your candidate measure up to building greater neighbourhoods?
Check out the  Calgary Ability Network Disability Lens Guide!