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October 24, 2023

Let's Grow Together- Strengthen our Community Roots, Thursday, November 9th, 2023 online

Join us for "Let's Grow Together, Strengthen Our Community Roots". A 1-hour talk for community connectors, builders, community hubs, and activists on Thursday, November 9th, 2023. Everyone is welcome.

Members of the Disability Action Hall are working with "The Alex Community Food Centre and 'The Calgary Distress Centre's 'Community Information Exchange' (CIE) to learn how to end poverty and live with dignity.

We hope to begin to look at more ways we can: 

  • Strengthen our connections to work smarter instead of harder, 
  • How to help people tell their story once to get what we need, 
  • Learn about the benefits of peer advocates,
  • Talk about ways to create more sustainable spaces to welcome all.
You can register on Zoom for Thursday, November 9th, 2023, from 1 pm to 2 pm (MST). Help us spread the word. 
You can download the poster or use the QR code to share with friends. 

October 13, 2023

Let's Do Food Dignity! October 17th is the International Day to Eradicate Poverty

 Let's do food dignity (Plain text below image, click here for PDF

Image of a white plate with fork, knife and spoon in peace pattern with the words Learn, Talk and Suppport
Let's do food dignity, Three actions you can do for October 17th, 2023,

Plain text

This year for the 'International Day to Eradicate Poverty', Hall members recorded short videos highlighting food dignity (Either on our YouTube channel or Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the people's names). We want to help promote food dignity, such as growing our own culturally appropriate food, grocery cards, mobile food sources, and places that are welcoming and treat people with dignity. You can do three actions anytime: "Talk, learn, and support food dignity."


Share good ideas across the food cycle from farm to table!

·      You are already on your way just by watching today's short films (listed below) on “What is dignity.’ It is crucial to co-create with experience living in poverty to access food with dignity.

·      Visit and learn about welcoming food-secure places and volunteer with the Alex Food Centre

·      Learn about Fresh Routes, a mobile food resource in communities of Calgary

·      Support grocery card campaigns like “I Can for Kids” that empower families to feed themselves.

·      Encourage programs like the 2020 National Market Greens Program, providing discounts at the till to ensure we all have choice and dignity.

·      Help reduce food waste such as the “Too Good to Go Food” app as featured in the Global News article titled “Tim Hortons joins app that reduces restaurant food waste, saves money” Global News, October 4th are another excellent way to ensure less healthy food gets thrown out.



·      Did you know? Alberta's report card on ending poverty is a 'D,' and one of the recommendations is a Provincial Poverty Reduction Plan; check out the interactive Canadian Report Card from Food Banks of Canada Report Card.

·      Check out Alberta Health Services “What is Food Insecurity” infographic, August 2023

Did you know?  The United Nations, “Food and Agricultural Organization”, has an e-learning course on the right to food policy legislation.

·      Grocers will try to stabilize food costs. Grocery chains promising more discounts, price freezes to stabilize food costs, minister says” October 5, CBC News      

Did you know? In the most recent Alberta government mandate letter for the Minister of Seniors, Community, and Social Services, there are commitments to ensure social protection, including affordable housing, seamless support to disability services from birth to adulthood, indexing social assistance, and ongoing funding to food banks and affordable transit.

·      Did you know? More than one in five working-age single adults is living in poverty. Yet they receive the lowest amount of government support? Read more in the Community Food Centres of Canada report “Sounding the Alarm: The Need to Invest in working-age Adults.”


·      Support affordable food by encouraging grocers to keep costs within reach;

· Support lived-experience initiatives like the Facebook Group “Last Chance Produce,” a private group promoting food dignity
· “I Can for Kids” empowers families to feed themselves with grocery cards
·    Support the “Open market YYC,” a pay-what-you-can pricing model in Meadowlark
·  Where to access food in Alberta? Call 211. In Calgary, visit the Calgary food map to find the nearest affordable food source near you.
It costs more to live with a disability; remind Canadian MP #budgetthebenefit by sending in a postcard.
·    Many food organizations recommend access to good food; people need more income. Support Basic Income by sending a letter of support to your local senator and MP from Basic Income Alberta.

Film Shorts - What Is Food Dignity Film Shorts