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February 23, 2016

Calgary Safety Standards Talks March 2

Calgary Safety Standards Talks
Open House
Wednesday, March 2, 2016
4pm -7pm 

Best Western Plus Port O-Call Hotel
1935 McKnight Blvd N.E (MAP)
Bus routes #33 or #57

About the Open house: 
We want to hear from you about safety in your homes.
The forums will be like an open house.
You will be able to share your ideas and talk to people if you want to.
Anyone can go to a forum. They are FREE to attend.
You do not need to register before you go.
There will not be any speakers. People can ask questions and talk to the Consultation Team.
A report will be written and put on the PDD Safety Standards consultation website 
If you need help, visit our how-to guide. 
You can also email your story to 

February 19, 2016

How-to-guide to Safety Standards Talks

By March 14th, 2016 many Albertans will take part in the Safety Standards talks. 
Visit the  Alberta government website  to learn more. 

If the website is too hard to read, we hope this "how-to guide" may help.

There are four ways to take part: 

1. A questionnaire -
Click here for a paper copy.
Click here to use the computer.

Need help?  

Look at the video to teach you how.
(7 min youtube video)

2. Host a group talk - 

small group of people at a meeting talking to each other
Click here for how to have a small group talk.

3. Send an email -

finger on touching mail application
Click here to send an email. 

4. Attend an open public meeting - 

There will be helpers at the meeting to greet you. 
You may meet some of the consultation team to tell your story.
You do not have to register. 

open house, many people sitting at tables and at flip charts
The public meetings are in larger towns-  
  • Westlock 
  • Grande Prairie
  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Red Deer
  • Lethbridge
  • Medicine Hat and 
  • Fort McMurray
For dates visit the website
Questions about open house, click here 

Good luck! 

- Members of the Disability Action Hall

February 18, 2016

Let's the talks begin!

We are thankful for this opportunity to talk about what makes a safe home! 

There is a chance to share your story using a questionnaire or attend an open house by March 14th, 2016. There will be many ways to provide your story and ideas on what makes a home safe.

Links to safety talk open houses, questions and facilitation guide can be found here

Everyone welcome to participate! 

We are also encouraged hearing from the Calgary Regional Director Dr. Alex Hillyard who encourages all of us to let people know about the consultation, followed by a letter from the Consultation Team Chair, John Te Linde....

Message from Calgary Regional Director of Disability Services

The Consultation Team for the PDD Safety Standards has launched Phase 1 of the public engagement about safety of people with developmental disabilities in their homes.  Read more.
Please find attached a message from the John te Linde, Chair of the PDD Safety Standards Consultation Team, that can be shared with your staff, the individuals and families you serve, and anyone you think would be interested in participating in the engagement.
Alex Hillyard Ph.D.
Regional Director Disability Services
Human Services

Message from the Consultation Team Chair

I am pleased to advise the public engagement about the safety of people with developmental disabilities in their homes is now underway.
Led by a consultation team of representatives from the disability community, the engagement will focus on listening to ideas and proposed solutions from individuals, families, service providers and other stakeholders that are not only about safety, but also about affirming the rights of people with developmental disabilities to live in their community with dignity.
There are two ways of providing input: an online questionnaire and community forums being held across the province. Visit to fill out the questionnaire or to get information about attending a forum. Everyone with an interest in the well-being and community inclusion of people with developmental disabilities is encouraged to participate.

John te Linde
Chair, PDD Safety Standards Consultation Team