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September 20, 2010

Voting in Calgary

Hi there folks who want to vote!

Well the official runners in the election are in today.

Some of you were asking about going as a group together. You can go to any of these locations provided you show up for an advanced vote date between the 6-14 from Noon to 7 pm. One date the Hall may consider is Thursday October 11 at City Hall. Let us know if this date works so we can plan our meeting around voting.

Please bring photo id (if you have it) or government issued id like the AISH card. Even if you don’t have photo id but an AISH card, you can vote! We are hoping to rectify this on the 311 website as one of our members was told they couldn’t, they are wrong.

ID that is accepted in listed on this link:

Here are the places you can do an advanced photo:

There are also a whack of facebook groups out there. One in particular is Calgary Civic Election 2010!/Calgary2010Election?v=wall&ref=ts

Also, no idea who to vote for? Visit the website and to also learn about all the mayoral debates going on.