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October 12, 2020

Want to end poverty? Here's how on Oct 17th

October 17th is a day around the world where the United Nations recognize  "International Day to Eradicate Poverty" This year we want to invite you to take part in how to end poverty If you are looking for ideas, then check out the following websites and events: 

17-Day Challenge "How do we end poverty" 

A 1-minute film festival where members of the Disability Action Hall share solutions to end Poverty.  A video has been released every day since October 1st to help raise awareness of the official United Nations "International Day to Eradicate Poverty on October 17th. We posted the videos on our Facebook Page and Twitter sites. If you missed it, or wish to see the entire festival at your own pace, you may also see all the Youtube playlist here.

Image of City of Calgary framed in black

October is End Poverty Month

Did you know in Calgary it is End Poverty Month, all month? 

Then check out The proclamation by Mayor Nenshi and learn more about events happening all month on the  "Enough for All" website, 
hosted by Vibrant Communities Calgary

Dignity for All Canada 'Chew on This' Campaign 

Did we mention people are doing things around the world? If you would like to take part in a Canada action, then visit  

"Chew This" campaign to take part in the following: 

  • Webinars to join leading up to October 17th, 2020
  • E-march scheduled for 11 am on Saturday, October 17th, MST time on zoom, 
  • Letter-writing campaign to write to MPs and media about ending poverty. 

Poverty Talks Calgary 

Poverty Talks is hosting a discussion called 'Poverty is Talking, It's Time to Listen' from 1 pm on October 17th. 

To join in the conversation and please register here. 

Calgary Ability Network 

The Calgary Ability Network's 'One Way to End Poverty'
 Raising awareness about poverty, one story at a time. 
Please watch the Calgary Ability Network  on Instagram every hour on the hour on October 17th, 2020. 


October 9, 2020

8 things we believe about AISH (Assured Income for Severely Handicapped)

We believe there are eight things we would like Albertans to know about AISH. We want to thank you for stopping by hope by sharing our message is "easy as pie" to share why AISH matters. We have provided downloadable versions:
  • Plain language (PDF) 
  • Longer version (PDF) 
  • A summary of why we believe in these principles (PDF) 

What we believe (Principles)
for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)

Stop sign with 8 pizza slices illustrating 8 principles

  1. People should get enough money to live on when they have a disability and cannot get enough paid work.

  2. How you decide if someone gets AISH is based on clear rules and on the person’s life experience. 
  3. Anyone who needs to get AISH should be able to understand the rules and what they need to do to apply. 
  4. The government needs to work with us when they make changes to the AISH program. They need to be careful so people do not get hurt.
  5. AISH should be open enough that if you are able to be employed, it is easy to get and keep paid work and still get AISH support. 
  6. AISH staff should have good training and understand disabilities so they can work well with people on the program. 
  7. That people who apply for or receive AISH supports are human beings who deserve to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect. 
  8. That when people with disabilities can do paid work, we work together to change the things in society that stop them from having a job or being part of the community.