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March 31, 2020

Minister of Community and Social Services want to check in with Self-Advocates Announcement

The Minister of Community and Social Services wants to check in with you. 
We are pleased to share this letter dated March 30th, 2020. 

In summary, the Minister Rajan Sawhney will be checking in with self-advocates how we can stay safe and help fight the virus known as COVID19. 
Stay tuned to learn how and when. 

We have made the letter downloadable and well as we read the letter out loud. 

 Link to the letter to download it to your computer to read the file. 

letter from the Minister.
If you cannot read the letter, we have read it out loud for you

Did you know you can set up your laptop or smartphone to read files? 

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Setting up your smartphone with free software

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You can also look at this website for more apps. 

March 17, 2020

Hall has moved to On-line meetings

The Disability Action Hall continues to meet online. 
All face-to-face meetings canceled until further notice.

We have moved to online meetings. 
Please download on your tablet, smartphone or computer. 
 Link information will be in your email if you would like to join us online. 
We have moved our meetings to online until further notice. Our office is closed to the public. 

March 6, 2020

I rather spend 3.50 on milk, reverse the date petition

AISH is for basic needs,
 not fines and NSF charges

Hall members continue to be frustrated by the impacts of the change of payment date for income supports. 

In response to these impacts, we wanted to let you know about a petition made available online and in person. 

 "I am very frustrated about the recent date payment change. Our bus passes expire on the last day of the month. It is $3.50 just to ride down and get my pass. I rather spend it on milk."


They continue... 

"I now have 2 NSF charges amounting to $ 90 because of the payment date change. I am scrambling trying to eat as I am a celiac and very sensitive to wheat. Wheat is in everything. 

I cannot just go to any food bank. I have to watch my money closely. Some places sell bags of 5 tomatoes for $3.00-$5.00, though I rather get a box full of tomatoes with even more fresh tomatoes from a better store to make it through the month." 

Download the official petition here to help reverse the date 
or you can sign the petition online

March 4, 2020

Not everyone has a bank of Mum and Dad, where to go for help...

Not everyone has a bank of Mum and Dad

Where to go for help?

Many Albertans who get AISH or Income Supports are struggling with the April 1st date change. We asked, "How have the recent changes to income supports/AISH affected you?"

When calling the AISH specialist doesn't always help,
not everyone has a bank of Mum & Dad
What we have learned is when someone has a Mom, Dad, public guardian or public trustee, it has made the date change a bit easier, yet both people reported others who will struggle and hit with fees and fines.  

Where can you go for help if you don't have a "Bank of Mum and Dad?"

Here are just two stories of what has happened when people heard about the date change.  At the end of this post, see our tip sheets on where to go for financial help.

And please continue to share your story with the government on why we need to save the date! 

"All the AISH office could tell me was 'Keep an eye on my account.' They couldn’t tell me a lot really.” 

My friends are all complaining about AISH because changing it to the first of the month screws so many things up. I got a call from one of the AISH generalists in Grande Prairie. Apparently, she was told to call me.  I explained my concerns. She said, “Keep an eye on your account and talk to your landlord about changing when you pay rent” But it’s hard when you change the payment dates. There are lots of things where you need the money just before the end of the month like public transportation.

Read more of their story here

"Having a public guardian and trustee is awesome! 
I don’t go 

A public trustee can help with bill payments
and protect represented adults from financial abuse
hungry. My rent is paid."

The best thing I ever did six years ago I got a public trustee. I don’t go hungry.  I have a place to live I have support. The supports I have and the people in my life that are not controlling me. It is respect. Having a public guardian and trustee is not as bad as people think…
In fact, It is awesome!

Read more of their story here Learn more about the public trustee visit this Link

Tip Sheets

What do you do when you don't have a Mom or Dad? Or are not eligible for a public trustee? 

Click on the links below for more tipsheets:  

Where to go for money help in Calgary
Steps on how to change your mobile phone
Where to go for free meals