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May 31, 2012

Speak Out - Disability on the Move! Friday June 1st, 2012

News Release
For Immediate Release

Breaking down the barriers!!!!
Calgary, Alberta

Hundreds of people with disabilities will be breaking down the barriers this Friday, June 1st, 2012 in an event known as Speak Out: Disability on The Move.A festival of movement!

Speak Out is to proclaim June 1st, 2012 the right to move just like everybody else.
Performers with disabilities from Inside Out Theatre, Momo Dance Theatre and The OX 'I Love Calgary Tour' will challenge and amaze LRT riders on the platforms, business people on their lunch hour and at the local library. 

Dare to stare and become a part of a downtown celebration. Members of the Disability Hall celebrate the 14th annual Speak Out. We will be joined by Deputy Mayor Gael MacLeod who will share the mayor’s message declaring Speak Out Day as our time to celebrate our right to move, our right to access society, our right to have affordable, accessible and available public transportation and our full-citizenship. Greetings will also be brought by MLA Kent Hehr and guests including the Calgary Women's Centre, Push To Open Nature Society, Calgary Sexual Health Centre, Women Together Ending Poverty and the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative (to name a few).

Imagine a City without access. Here is what some members of the Disability Action Hall say it would be like if we lived in a city where we could not go anywhere.
“A city without access would be a city with angry and sad people.”
"It would be boring because you wouldn’t be able to do anything."
"A stumbling block."
"It wouldn’t be a city because it is not inclusive."
"A city without access is like an island, it's isolating. A city without access is a city without justice."
"A city without access is a city of poverty and isolation, a country that is divided.Can’t go no where. It would be dangerous. It would be depressing."

Who:                          Disability Action Hall 14th Annual Speak Out Festival
When:                        Friday June 1st, 10-2 pm
Where:                       4 locations and points in between.  
                                    -Downtown Calgary, 1st Street LRT - 10 am – Kickoff. 
                               (Heading off into three directions -downtown tour, McKnight & Crowfoot LRTs)
                                    -8 Street LRT NW - 11:30 am - Pride Train
                                    -Olympic Plaza 12-12:30 pm – Drumming circle and pride walk
                                   - Calgary Public Library, John Dutton Theatre - 12:30 to 2 pm                                            Celebrations
Why:                         To celebrate Disability on the Move, 14th Annual
Contact:                    Denise Young  403.542.5301
                                 Colleen Huston 403.473.3510

For more information call 403.717.7630 or 403.473.3510 and check out the website at 

May 24, 2012

Media Advisory

Calgary, Alberta “Disability On the Move!!!” Friday, June 1st, 2012
Members of the Disability Action Hall are very excited to prepare for the 14th annual Speak Out Rally. This year we want to emphasize the 'Action' in Action Hall by celebrating Disability On The Move. We want to increase awareness of the freedom we enjoy with access to transportation.

As part of this year’s kickoff, various arts groups and Action Hall
members will be performing at LRT platforms in the city.  As well, there will be performances and activities at Olympic Plaza and in the John Dutton Theatre at the Main Library.

Photo of Hall members making blue cheer sticks
Making Pride Cheer Sticks for passengers on LRT 

Making a banner for Speak Out
Banner Making

Recordiing audio and photographing spos for the "I love Calgary Tour'
Recording audio and photographing spots for the 'I love Calgary Tour'  

Can you guess which famous building is a place of pride for Calgarians? Learn more about the tour on Friday June 1st at 10 at the 1st SW LRT
Can you guess which famous building is a place of pride for Calgarians? Learn more about the tour on Friday June 1st at 10 at the 1st SW LRT

Come to Speak Out to learn about what it is like to have a disability.
Come to Speak Out if you have a disability. It is a chance to be out, meet some people and do something active in the community
Come to Speak Out and celebrate the opportunities access to transportation will create. 
Come to Speak Out to celebrate our new freedom.
Come to Speak Out and share in the fun.
Come to Speak Out and help to spread the word.
Who:                Speak Out 14 Disability on the Move
Where:              Kickoff off at three locations;
-1st Street LRT 10 am and at various LRT platforms   
-Olympic Plaza 12:15 pm
-John Dutton theatre main library 12:30 to 2pm
When:              Friday June 1st, 2012 10 to 2pm
Why:                To Celebrate disability pride and culture on the move
Contacts:           Amanda Woods 403.710.402
or Colleen Huston 403.717.7630 or cell 403.473.3510

May 4, 2012

Getting ready Speak Out Friday June 1st, 2012

We are getting ready to wear blue in celebration of this year's Speak Out "Disability On the Move". 

Everyone welcome to attend on Friday June 1st, 2012

10-2 pm at various locations. 
Stay tuned for more details or call 403.717.7630 or