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August 21, 2014

Amend the Marriage Act Petition

Not everyone has equal opportunity to get married.
Did you know 'Represented Adults need a doctor's note?
Sign our Petition today! 

Right 2 Marry

Support marriage equality for all!

Tell Service Alberta and Vital Statistics to reduce the red tape for dependent adults in Alberta to get married.

  • Did you know not everyone has marriage equality in Alberta? 
  • Did you know dependent adults still need a doctor’s note to get married and a guardian's consent? Marriage Act, section 27, part 2

A doctor's note creates more red tape; costs money, more forms, and many Albertans today do not have access to a family doctor. 
The Right to Love group believes guardian's consent is enough for adults who are protected under the dependent adult act to get married. 
We all have the right to love! 

Help us raise awareness! Sign and share our petition to let the Service Alberta Minister and Deputy Minister know its time to review and update the Marriage Act. 

Thank you for helping us with the Right 2 Love in Alberta!