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January 4, 2022

Happy New Year from us and 2021 highlights in less than a minute!

Members of the Disability Action Hall wish you "Happy 2022!" 

Here are just some of the highlights Hall members were up to from 2021,  Bring on 2022! (click on the video, plain text is below)

Sharing our voice - Supporting essential workers and fighting for better oversight for supportive roommate models.
Protecting services - We are resilient and speaking up for Albertans with disabilities & services.
Disability Pride - Being part of this group celebrating disability pride made me realize I am proud.
Confidence and connection - Public speaking and meeting new people.
Celebrate Access - including everyone and addressing food security.
Maintaining relationships - Celebrating what makes us unique.
Networking and meeting new people - Meeting online helped me meet new people and connect with friends every week.
Showing what we do - Making videos about being proud to be disabled.
Valued and supported - Having a place where my opinion is valued.
Community - We are growing, we are having fun working together that we don't want to leave the conversation.
Working with youth - Working with the University creating messaging using a disability lens.
Collaboration - Working with the disability workers talking about essential services and keeping good workers.
Welcoming community - I don't think I've ever felt so safe and welcome in a group before.
Advocacy - We are glad that there is a group that advocates for people with disabilities, to governments at various levels, for improved programs for us.