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April 5, 2023

Alberta Party Election Platforms at a Glance (A working document)

Community members asked for a plain language guide using a poverty lens. 

We looked at Income, Healthcare, Housing, Accessibility, Social Services, Education/training/work, Accessibility, and Affordability. 

The document is interactive and is 5 pages with direct links to the 14 registered parties' websites (Click on the sideways logos on the left side when a party has an official website). 

To learn where to vote, click on the icon and words 'We Vote' in the top left corner to visit the "Elections Alberta Page."

The tool will be updated as information comes in from registered parties. 

To view the chart in full screen, use this link. 

If you need to use an audible guide we recommend opening the chart in a Microsoft Edge browser to read aloud). 

(DRAFT) Alberta Party Platforms at a glance by Disability Action Hall