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August 8, 2019

PDD Report Out!

A big thank you!!!

Thank you to the Minister of Community and Social Services (CSS and the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Review Team for all their hard working completing the report! 

We understand because an election took place, we had to be patient. 
We want to give a big thank you to both Honourable Minister Rajan Sawhney and former minister of CSS,  Minster Irfan Sabir for supporting the hard work of the 11 people who traveled around the province to talk with us. 
And a big thank you to the dedication of the Review Team who put all the information together. 

We understand over a 1000 people talked about these 5 topics: 

  1. Who can get help from PDD
  2. Getting help when you need it
  3. How PDD helps
  4. The people who help – support staff and PDD workers
  5. Working together (How we communicate) 

Link to the Report

You can read more in details about the report. 
It is available in two languages...

For the plain language version, please click here
For the non-plain language version, please click here 

What's next? Read what's next: 

There will be now two ways to talk about next steps: 

A Disability Advisory Forum. 

The first topic is about how people qualify for PDD such as IQ. 
Provincial groups will be encouraged to take part sometime in the fall.


A Service Provider Forum 

A group that is part of the government and Alberta Council of Disability Services.