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February 8, 2024

10 Kind Acts

Did you know 87% of the world lives in the Northern Hemisphere? In celebration of February, when we are craving sunshine, connection, solitude, and warmer weather, 
Here are '10 kind Acts' you can give a loved one, a friend, and yourself! 
(And may not cost a thing!)
 This list is brought to you by members of the Disability Action Hall! 

10 kind acts in a box of heart shaped chocolates.

Take time for yourself.

I meditated and had a quiet space, not wanting to talk to as many people.


Hug an animal.

Guinea pigs, talking/playing with the dogs, the dogs and another dog who likes to go out for walks, our beagle dog


Explore, Learn, Escape.

I keep busy, stay in and watch movies, read, watch movies, paint, study the weather, try to do a lot of things, and go bird watching.

Laugh, breathe.

Humor is helpful.

Take deep breaths


Move, be with nature.

Go for a walk when it's not freezing outside, do regular walks when I can, do dog walks, exercise, stretch, and look after the plants.


Enjoy a treat.

Eating chocolate and cheese

Clean, Sort, Organize.

People are helping me out and decluttering, knowing what to get rid of and what to keep, and being happy with it, doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and splashing water on my face and neck.


Be with trusted ones.

Being with my friends and my husband helps me with my well-being. I talk with my Mom.

I try to talk to people when I can as I value mutual communication where people are both comfortable talking and listening to each other,


Take action and help others.

Action-based things to help deal with intangibles when I hear things in the news, classes to help process what I am learning and hearing about, advocating for others, and volunteering.

Talk to professional help,

Counseling: Meet with my counselor and talk with someone who works on-site at my apartment building; talk to someone if getting triggered,

Sky Point (rehabilitation center for mental health) has helped with my mental health; take your time to get better. There are lots of resources here.

PDD Persons with developmental disabilities is a service to help with day-to-day life, employment, and support at home. 

I take antidepressants.

Call or text the Distress Centre 24 hours: 403.266.4357.

Darren Aronofsky