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March 31, 2020

Minister of Community and Social Services want to check in with Self-Advocates Announcement

The Minister of Community and Social Services wants to check in with you. 
We are pleased to share this letter dated March 30th, 2020. 

In summary, the Minister Rajan Sawhney will be checking in with self-advocates how we can stay safe and help fight the virus known as COVID19. 
Stay tuned to learn how and when. 

We have made the letter downloadable and well as we read the letter out loud. 

 Link to the letter to download it to your computer to read the file. 

letter from the Minister.
If you cannot read the letter, we have read it out loud for you

Did you know you can set up your laptop or smartphone to read files? 

Small person with laptoop sitting on question mark
Set up your laptop to read files

Text to Speech Tools for laptops and IPAD tablet

Free Text to speech works for safari, google chrome and firefox, click here
For Google chrome read aloud extension click here 
For microsoft edge's read aloud, download the free software here 
For your Ipad, watch this video how to turn on 'speech' youtube video and highlight the content (in safari browser) 

PIcture of hand holding smart phone with question mark
Set up your smartphone to read files
Setting up your smartphone with free software

Smartphones will need the reader to turn on text to speech. 
Then an app to read the file

Android Set up: 
Text to Speech for google phone (android) Google set up 
Android App set up: (Google play store) 

Iphone is the same as the IPAD set up for settings. 
You can also look at this website for more apps. 

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