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June 15, 2013

4 Solutions to end "Nothing About Us Without Us"

4 Solutions to End Nothing about us without us!
(From our community in response to
Persons with Developmental Disabilities)

4 Solutions to End Nothing About Us Without Us

Collaboration: work together to be better


PDD has been paternalistic in its approach to planning. The community has not been included in the process. This has created confusion, fear and uncertainty.


The community will be holding sessions over the next few months to look at the challenges facing PDD and to work collaboratively to come up with solutions that meet all of our needs. Everyone will be invited to the table.

Values: what is important to our community

·      Social citizenship
·      Community
·      Choice
·      Good quality of life

Our community has created and defended services for people with disabilities that are based on strong values. Individuals want to be active, involved members of their communities. They want to have choice in their lives. They want to get the support they need to have a good quality lives.


Planning for PDD supports will ensure these values remain front and centre in the planning process over the next few months.

No cuts to agencies until we figure this out the support needs of the individuals


PDD has plans to cut agency budgets, in addition to cutting individual’s supports. Community agency budgets are largely composed of individual support dollars. We ask that any cuts to agencies be done only after individual support needs have been determined.


For the Government of Alberta to commit, in writing, to waiting until individual support needs have been determined before they cut agency budgets.

Test your test: It’s not the SIS tool, it’s how you are using it


The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) was developed to determine support needs. It has been well tested and demonstrated to determine support needs. PDD is using parts of the SIS tool, as well some other unspecified modifiers, to assign funding dollars based on provincial average expenditures. This has not been tested, yet is now being fully implemented across the province.


Slow down the process. Test the Alberta PDD adaptation of the tool and whatever else is being used to determine funding. Work with individuals, families and agencies to check that people’s needs are being met while going through this assessment process. Working collaboratively and transparently to develop this assessment process will address fears and concerns.

“This PC government continues to break its promise to the PDD community,” said Notley. “The Premier said she would place the interests of vulnerable Albertans front and center, but these cuts are placing the health and safety of Albertans at risk. There must be an immediate moratorium placed on any changes to the PDD program.” - MLA Rachel Notley, June 18th, 2013 in a letter to the PC government

Erin Waite               Connections Counselling   403 804-6100
Ryan Geake              Calgary SCOPE Society       403 717-5616
Denise Young           Disability Action Hall          403 717-5613

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