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December 6, 2013

Celebrating a great City for Everyone

Fists and hands in the air
Celebrating a Great City!!!
This week has been a fabulous step forward with Disability Pride and Culture, better access to Affordable Public Transportation  Fares and Para-transit! 

Thank you City Council for all your support unanimously voting on getting rid of the 1 km restriction. To see video footage of the story....

City Council also voted and gave the go ahead to help make software so all the City departments can work together, share information to help make the applying for low-income subsidies programs like the low-income transit pass easier!  A special thank you to Councillor Brian Pincott and Councillor Richard Pootmans who presented notices of motions to make better transportation possible! 

And what an amazing day we had with International Day of Disabled Persons, Pride: Powered by PechaKucha!  View Photos courtesy of Denise Young. 

So CELEBRATE!!! Great job everyone! Thank you so much for stepping forward, talking to media, writing letters and helping to raise awareness. 

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