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A Home for All

A Home for All

It costs a lot to rent or own in the City of Calgary.  We sometimes feel like permanent guests in our homes. 
We like our houses feel more like home. 

Purple House says right to home, turn right arrow
Right To Home

 We deserve the right...

  • To choose where live.
  • To have our homes safe, affordable, accessible, and disability-friendly.  
  • To have enough money to afford a decent place to live.  
  • To feel safe and be free from abuse.  
  • To make personal choices about our diet, what we do in our home, its cleanliness, and so on.  
  • To choose who comes into our homes, including friends, family, and support staff.  
  • To get the support we need and to know what support we can get.  
  • To have privacy.
  •  To choose if and with whom we share our home (including children and pets), and to decide together how we will share. 
  • To know our rights.  
  • To know what to do if we are unhappy.

How to make my house, my home. 

Many people with disabilities lived in room and board situations. 
There is very little legislation in Alberta about shared accommodation. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Website has some suggestions for shared accommodation. 

Shared Accommodation Contracts
Before you move into a supportive roommate or supportive neighbour model, check out British Columbia's "Roommate Agreements" to help make your house a home and avoid future problems.

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