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Disability Pride and Culture

What is Disability Pride? 

For the International day of disabled persons, we made this video... What is disability pride? Here is a link to the video we made for December 3rd, 2020. 

Who better to tell you than members of the Disability Action Hall?

Basic Income, Speak Out 2019 

For our 2019 Speak Out we joined forces with many partners to host a conference at the Calgary Public Library. We met with many people from around the province. And if you would like to learn more about this effort called "Mobilizing Basic Income in Alberta.  Visit Basic Income Calgary's website to learn more about how to join. 

However, we were also lucky enough to join in with Disability Pride Alberta for the 2019 walk down Stephen Avenue. Check out the many stories on Disability Pride Alberta's website

Disability Pride Parade, 2018 

On our 20th year celebrating disability pride and culture. We made the celebration bigger than ever! 
To help makes this the best time ever, a new website has been made! You can see the photos and messages about disability pride from June 3rd by Disability Pride Alberta's site. 

Teal outlined cartoon bubble says disability pride in orange letters

Humanity and Me, Speak Out 2017

Our 19th annual "Speak Out 2017" was called "Humanity and Me". On June 2nd, 2017 we looked back at what we have done to help shape Alberta to be a better place for all. This year's celebration was at the Lougheed House located at 707, 13 Avenue SW. 

Man in summer clothes with crutches named Thomas
Tickets on eventbrite 

One of the features of the day was a pop-up gallery. The gallery had shared stories and artifacts from the past that help shaped Alberta's human rights and quality of life.

Have a look at this pride commercial called "I define me". A commercial created by people with disabilities about disability pride.  

The Right to Dream, Speak Out 2016

Last year's (2016) disability pride and culture celebration is known as 'Speak Out' was called "The Right to Dream". 
If you want to see highlights from the day, click on the top right corner of the photo below (three dots) to open in a new tab. 

Held at 'The Artbox 17E' 1807, 42 Street SE. 


The Right to Dream! Speak Out 18 - Friday, June 3rd at the Artbox!

Eat, Cook, Grow Speak Out 2015 

Last year's Speak Out 2015 called "Eat, Cook, Grow" and held at Twin Views Communal Gardens. We had a great time! Photos can be found here

Eat, Cook, Grow in a celebration of Food Security!
We are celebrating our connections to eating, growing & cooking!

The Right to Play - Speak Out 2014 

Wow what a day!

photo link

Thank you to all the amazing people who made this day unforgettable! 

International Day of Disabled Persons, December 3rd, is coming. Stay tuned for more details to come! 
But until then, check out what we did last year at the celebration!!! 

Every year we celebrate our diversity, our culture, shared identity and our stories. 

This year we held a 'Pride, Powered by PechaKucha' series at the Jack Singer in Calgary, Alberta. Thank you to all the fabulous speakers, supporters and sponsors who made this event possible. 

Pride: Powered by PechKucha 2013 

For our 15th anniversary of the Disability Action Hall
We celebrated big in 2013! 

We had a quality of life parade in June and for "International Day of Disabled Persons 2013" and we hosted Pride: Powered by PechaKucha! PechaKucha means 'ChitChat'. 

See the videos here!  

This artistic format began in Japan where we speakers take on the challenge to speak to 20 slides, 20 seconds each! 
Click here to view all eight presenters and why not visit the official PechaKucha site ?
And feel free to visit the official site. As well as, International Day of Disabled Person website for Calgary.

Disability Pride Parades!

We held our 15th Annual Disability Pride parade on Friday,  June 7th, 2013. This year we talked about quality services and the need to protect our services! To see photos of the Quality of Life parade, visit our online album! 
Media coverage  Calgary Sun, June 10th, 2013

Photos courtesy of Calgary Sun, June 7, 2013, photo by Jim Wells, Article written by Bill Kaufmann, June 7th, 2013

Parade downtown Calgary, women in her wheelchair proud to be disabled
Celebrating Quality of Life at Olympic Plaza in Calgary, June 7th, 2013

 “Quality of Life” Speak Out Pride Parade 2013 - Friday June 7th, 2013

Wear rainbow colours! 

Noon- 3:30 pm
Parade Step off at Olympic Plaza - 228 8 Ave SE at 12 pm
The parade ends at Vertigo Theatre- 115 - 9 Avenue S. 1:30-2 pm.
Enjoy performances by Momo at 2-3:30 pm - pay what you can. 

Speak Out Disability Pride Parade June 7 12-3:30 pm
Speak Out Parade down Stephen Avenue! Come join us for our 15th Annual Pride Parade


International Day of Disabled Persons, 

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

This year's 2012 International Day of Disabled Persons celebrates 'Accessibility'.
was held on  Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at Devonian Gardens at Noon! People brought colourful scarves and we wanted to thank our flash mob partners; Momo Mixed Ability Dance, Inside Out and the City of Calgary. Thank you so much. 
Links to media coverage and photos:

Photos of IDDP
Media Coverage:  
Calgary is Awesome "A Very Important Day is just around the corner"
Calgary Metro
City of Calgary website  and on flickr

People dressed colourfully for spontaneous dancing in an inside downtown mall
Flashmob At Devonian Gardens, photo courtesy of Jacqui Soppit

Disability On the Move - Speak Out 14, 2012

Thank you to all for this year's Speak Out 14 -
Disability On the Move held on Friday, June 1st, 2012
Calgary, Alberta.

Disability is not a dirty word
Speak Out 14 "Disability on the Move" was another great success. We celebrated as citizens on the move! We are celebrating our ability to move around in our City with mobile performances, walks, talks and in films! 

Our three performance groups surprised Calgary with a glimpse of disability culture on the move!
Performances by "Inside Out Theatre" on West Leg LRT and "Momo Dance Theatre" on the Eastbound LRT, and a walking tour of downtown LRT with artist Sharon Stevens. We learn about spaces that are cherished by the disability community.
Then we had some fun at the drumming circle finished off our outside tour at the John Dutton Theatre in our downtown Memorial Park library. We had several community groups have tables in the lobby on display. We then began the celebration with some song and greetings from the library.
We were also joined by:

  • Deputy Mayor Gael MacLeod, 
  • MLA Kent Hehr, 
  • The Calgary Sexual Health Centre, 
  • Women Together Ending Poverty,
  • The Women's Centre of Calgary 
  • Musician Silver
  • Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative
  • Push To Open Society
  • Poets, Dancers and repeat performances by Inside Out, Momo Mixed Ability, and a film by the OX I love Calgary Tour. 
What a show!!
Click here for pictures of the event! 
Thank you to all the volunteers, Calgary Transit, City of Calgary, Calgary SCOPE Society, Persons with Developmental Disabilities Calgary Community Board, and the generous efforts of the Disability Action Hall for making this day possible!

Weblinks to our partners who help make this day as fun as possible:

How we celebrate disability prideFor nearly 14 years we have been loud and proud.

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