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About the History of the Right to Love Group

The Right to Love is a group of people with disabilities and the Centre for Sexuality (formerly the Calgary Sexual Health Centre) From 2009 until 2019  we worked towards healthy sexuality and education for everyone. 

Right to Love videos are stories to help raise awareness that everyone has the right to love. 

We encourage people to seek the educational expertise of the Centre for Sexuality if people need help or research. 

Need help? Doing Research?

Please contact the Centre for Sexuality:

Centre for Sexuality 

Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm 
Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Phone: 403-283-5580   
Fax: 403-270-3209

More about our Stories 

Right to Love Logo
Everyone has the right to love
Here is our top 10 list of what we have to say about the right to love...
  1. Love and be loved by whomever I chose,
  2. Have sex with whomever I chose,
  3. Be supported in the choices I make around love and sex,
  4. Have the support I need to have the relationships I choose,
  5. Make mistakes,
  6. Be accepted for who I am,
  7. Have partners and/or get married,
  8. Have children,
  9. Be treated as an equal human being, and
  10. Be respected as a full citizen.

'Love Bytes: Stories about the Right to Love' Films

If you are an ally and want to know how to help us with the love movement, what better way than film. We have also completed our film titled "Love Bytes: Stories about the Right to Love".  We are also working on three new stories and hope to share them with you soon! 

These films are on Youtube! To view films, follow these links! Check out our playlist under "The Right to Love" for a complete list of films. Here are just some of our films...

Right to Love Stories:

Can I Kiss You? 
Learn about what one group is doing about helping students learn about boundaries and consent. Visit "Can I Kiss You" website to learn about dating safe.

Bad Relationships
Do you know if you are in an abusive relationship? 
Have you been abused? 
Learn about Connect.  
Or call 1.403.237.5888 (toll-free) to speak to someone to talk things over. 
You have the right to feel safe. Learn about how some relationships can go from good to bad by visiting


We are part of a larger provincial group called Albertans Advocating Change Together (AACT).
We are a network of self-advocates and self-advocacy groups across Alberta. 
We find out what self-advocates are doing and share it with others so we can all be stronger. We find out what is important to self-advocates and make sure they have a provincial voice.

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