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July 6, 2010

Calgary Elections! Questions for our future mayor and alderman

Disability Action Hall has these questions for our future alderman and mayor!


  1. Questions for the candidates...
     What will you do to make city services like public transit affordable for everyone? i.e., seniors are getting quite the deal and less and less people are qualifying for Access Calgary.
     What are your views in protecting the health and welfare of tenants in rental units? I.e. mould, fire hazard, defective appliances.
     What is your commitment to creating more affordable low- income rental housing?
     Will you support an independent housing appeal panel that is transparent and appointed by community agencies?
     Secondary suites; what will you do make secondary suites safer and available?
     What is your commitment to finding places that are financially and physically accessible for people with disabilities?
     What will you do to address the housing choice gap for people living with low-income to own a home that is safe, accessible and affordable?
     What are you going to do to ensure that disability pride and culture is celebrated?
     What is your vision on how the city can fund grassroots organizations to create diversity in our city’s culture?

     What are you going to do to support the disability arts in Calgary and innovative projects that create diversity in our city?


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