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May 17, 2011

Celebrating everyone has the right to a home

The countdown continues...

We are only two weeks away from our annual celebration "Speak Out". This years theme is the Right to Home and we are encouraging all attendees to come out and show your support for everyone to have the "Right to Home."

When we asked Disability Action Hall members what does the "Right to Home" mean to you... here is what people said...

“ABOUT THE RIGHT 2 HOME... We are citizens with developmental disabilities. Like all citizens, we deserve certain rights in our homes. We deserve the right...
·         To choose where we live.

·         To have our homes safe, affordable, accessible and disability friendly

·         To have enough money to afford a decent place to live.

·         To feel safe and be free from abuse.

·         To make personal choices about our diet, what we do in our home, its cleanliness, and so on.

·         To choose who comes into our homes, including friends, family, and support staff.

·         To get the support we need and to know what support we can get.

·         To have privacy.

·         To choose if and with whom we share our home (including children and pets), and to decide together how we will share.

·         To know our rights.

·         To know what to do if we are unhappy.”

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