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March 19, 2013

Thank you Calgary

We wish to Thank City Council for stopping the motion NM2013-03 yesterday evening. We appreciate all the City Councilor's efforts to protect the integrity of the low-income transit pass. 

We also applaud City Administration & community partners of the Fair Calgary Community Voices, Fair Fares,  Fair Calgary and Calgary Transit improving the new eligibility criteria, helping youth get the pass and raising the income to qualify to 87.5% for 2013 and 100% of the low-income cut off (LICO) for 2014. To learn about the new changes, please visit  

We appreciate the community support to help us make a welcoming community and a fair City which we all love to live in. We also wish to thank the many people living in poverty who have stepped above and beyond to share their stories and experiences on how we can make transit better for everyone. 

A view to be enjoyed by all, riding transit and seeing the LRT go by

We will ride! 

Members of the Disability Action Hall

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