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April 17, 2013

Actions we can do to Stop the Cuts

What can we do to protect 'Quality of LIfe' for Albertans? 

Provincial Cuts for Disabled will affect quality of life

Jan Mason’s two youngest children, 18-year-old Kelly, right, and 21-year-old Dave, left, are among the 10,200 Albertans who benefit from community support programs for Persons with Development Disabilities. Jan Mason is worried cuts to the program could take away important opportunities for her family.

Photograph by: Colleen De Neve , Calgary Herald

Our message...
  • To STOP the cuts
  •  To have meaningful community conversations about the future of PDD services.
  • To be part of developing a plan to move forward in a positive way.

What can we do?     Help raise awareness!

  1. Educate your MLA (Call 310-0000 toll free). You can find out who they are by visiting
  2.  Share your story on We will then compile the stories for the Associate Minister and other government officials. Also contact local media and tell them your story!
  3.  Join us May 2nd at the Coast Plaza Hotel and ask your question to Minister Oberle at 9:30 am. Call Denise Young at 403.717.5613 for more information 

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