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October 31, 2013

For Betty

For Betty

You are remembered.

To see photos of a memorial held in her memory, please click here

To learn about Betty' story, please click here. The people who are charged for failing to provide the necessities of life and sentenced for twenty years (as stated in the Edmonton Journal. Edmonton Journal October 31st 2013)

You are remembered. You mattered.

In solidarity, 

Members of the Disability Action Hall

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  1. Yes, Betty is remembered--- as is Samantha Lauren Martin.

    Remembering our victims of our failures as a society is important.
    I feel it is however more important to rise up from our silence and speak about the distribution of wealth in our society that has lead to the marginalization of our most vulnerable citizens as the castaway people of our society.

    Why are our most vulnerable citizens dying prematurely?

    Why don't we have appropriate consequences for failures in service delivery?

    Why don't we hold our government at all levels accountable for their outright negligence in the care of both the foster care children and vulnerable adults such as Betty?

    When will the genocide of our most vulnerable citizens in Alberta--no longer be tolerated by the richest province in Canada?

    When will our so called standards for special education be backed up by appropriate levels of funding by the government of Alberta?

    When will our special needs children and adults be provided adequate supports and services so that family is not pushed to the brink and over/

    What happened in this case was a failure on every citizen's part.

    We see what the problem is and has been for forty years and more for our most vulnerable citizens and we do not speak about the problem.

    The Tories have put the interests of the 1% before that of citizens without power, money or political representation simply because the Tories do not represent citizens. They do however represent big oil.

    We can all speak up for our citizens without a voice in our province of plenty but we choose to say --it's not our problem, it is not our issue, it doesn't affect me and mine.

    When will we all speak up?
    When will the problems of these outcasts of our society become the problems of mainstream society?

    I'd say when the government of Alberta spreads the pain around to the rest of us.
    When the problems in Alberta migrate from the minority to more of us--we'll speak up then won't we?

    When the government of Alberta allows big oil to contaminate the aquifer out of which we drink, when we have an oil spill in our community, when the child who dies is our own child, I'd say we'll be yapping then.

    Then we will speak.
    In one voice.

    But for now, we see the endless procession of children dying all over Canada and our most vulnerable citizens being tortured to death and we shrug and say "But what can I do?"

    Yes, we don't do anything.

    I don't know about you all but the doing nothing part hurts as a mother.
    I am done keeping silent.
    I say we should not only remember Betty but ask for justice in her name and in the name of Samantha Lauren Martin.


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