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February 19, 2014

Thank you for joining us for the Health Care Forum!

Thank you to all who attended 
“The Alberta Health Care Act & You” 

Health Forum Poster, Feb 27, 2014,. Please RSVP

6 important links to help make the Alberta Health Care Act better
1.  Did you know  91% of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will experience a loss of income or an increase in expenses? (Feb 10 VCC blog entry)
2.  Do you think poverty and health are connected?
3.  Did you know the Alberta government has a health advocate?
4.  Did you know the Alberta Health Care Charter is under review?
5.  Learn more about the health care act visit this link.
6.  Join us for a community forum… 

Meet the Health Care and Mental Health Patient Advocate

Learn about the new Health Care Act

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