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July 17, 2014

Call to Action for Fair Simple Fares

Call to Action for fair, simple fares for all ages

Members of the Disability Action Hall invite you to come and join us to speak to the fare strategy being presented to Council on Friday, July 18th at the Old City Hall, in the basement. 

Our concerns is the Calgary lawyers may not have looked at this proposed fare strategy to see if it is discriminatory on the basis of income. We believe a better fare strategy is possible. 

We think the proposed fare strategy is regressive. It is a step backwards as it continues to pit vulnerable groups against each other and limit mobility of Calgarians living on low-income.

Help us create a better way. Help us create fair simple fares for all Citizens who cannot afford the bus for all ages. 

The committee starts at 9:30 and Citizens of Calgary can speak to the fairness of the fares for 5 minutes. 

To learn about the report, please visit this link. 

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