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October 10, 2014

Support sliding fee scale as next step for an affordable City

Members of the Action Hall supported transits report for the City to look at a sliding fee scale as another tool to create reduced fares that work for all Calgarians. The report will then be talked about at a larger council meeting on Monday,  November 3rd.

We are encouraged the standing policy committee supported the report for the conversations to continue unanimously! 

Here is our letter of support to the standing policy committee...

RE: Letter of Support TT2014-0768Sliding Scale Fee from Calgary Transit

Members of the Disability Action Hall wish to express their gratitude to City Council, Fair Calgary and Calgary Transit for continuing to ensure the transit fee structure poses few barriers for citizens who require a reduce fee to connect to our City. The ‘Sliding Fee Scale’ is a logical next step to ensure our fare structure and City subsidies are available to all Citizens.

We applaud the ask for Community Neighbourhood Services request to assist with cutting down red tape and making single entry possible, and the creation of a 50% discounted single fare as part of the mid-term solution to ensure Calgarians can connect with transit. We also support the next step to take the time to create a community solution for a sliding scale that will align to the Sustainability 2020 Direction, the Route Ahead Strategy and City Budget.

The solutions to address complex problems such as access to our City services are varied. We wish to acknowledge our City’s active role and history of understanding barriers when present themselves; Back in 1973, before there was no federal program to help seniors thrive, our City understood a plan was needed to help people ride the bus, hence a reduced annual pass was created. Through initiatives like the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative, we have re-gained a collective conscience that the face of poverty has changed, and now we can re-look at good ideas of the 70s and with the use technology, tools, community consultation, policy grounded in human rights to assist our decision makers and business units we will continue to create solutions which are truly accessible, and work for all Calgarians.

We look forward to continue our work with Calgary Transit and Fair Calgary and report back in the near future with a community based solution that works for all Citizens. 

 Members of the Disability Action Hall 

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