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June 25, 2015

Speaking Up for Fair Housing Standards for All!

Members of the Disability Action Hall are concerned about the lack of public consultation from the previous progressive conservative government to go ahead and inspect the homes of persons with disabilities. 

We want to be asked if it is ok to come into our home. 
We want our landlords to be asked if it is ok to come into our home. 
We want a say in who can come into our home and have our choices and privacy respected. 

We were told the current public health act and PDD Safety Standards Regulation allows health, fire and safety to come in if there is a complaint. 

But there has been no complaint. 

We are asking for public consultation  to write new regulations with us, to talk to us.

We think the new rules will be far too expensive for our community. The new rules do not respect our right to choose where we want to live. 

We know some of our friends have been evicted and ended up in long term care,  or the hospitals.  Many of us live in poverty and it takes a long time to find a safe place to rent. 

We need a better plan. 
More rules don't necessarily make us safe. 

We also know the rules may be published soon. 
We hope the new government speaks up and supports true talks & fair rules for all Albertans.

Stay tuned.

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