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August 24, 2015

My Home, my life, my choice

Albertans with developmental disabilities speak out for the need to stop the PDD Safety Standards regulation as it was not written with public consultation. These twelve people in the video may face an eviction at the end of the month if the government does not stop it. 

We think there is a better way by talking to community and respect our right to chose where to live. 

Many of us live in poverty and we were institutionalized as children. The last place we want to go back to is a care facility. We have fought hard to live in community and believe we can live in a province that honors diversity, respects choice, human rights and talks with us.

Visit this weblink to view "My home, my life, my choice".

Tell Alberta MLAs to stop the PDD Safety Standards. .

Nothing about us, without us. 
My home, my life, my choice

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