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December 21, 2015

What are some ways you would like the government to hear from you?

Call out to the Community 

What are some ways you would like the government to hear from you?

We want to share ideas to help shape the talks about what makes our homes safe. 
To learn more about the upcoming safety talks about where we live that the Alberta government wants to do, visit this website. 

Some ideas we have used are: 

  • Meeting face-to-face
  • Hosting a coffee talk with some friends 
  • Video Conference Calls at your library with other self-advocate groups
  • Phone calls 
  • Housing Tours
  • Making a video
  • Sharing ideas using facebook, youtube and twitter.
  • Sending ideas to a website that the government runs.
  • Drawing pictures and using art  

Let us know what you think. The sky is the limit!  

We will then put all the ideas together in a list and start to share them at the meeting on January 7th, 2016.

If you want a copy of the report that we will share, please let us know. You can email your ideas to or leave us a voice mail by calling 403.717.7630.  

Can't wait to hear from you!  

Tammy Poirier and Jennifer Stewart
On behalf of the Disability Action Hall


  1. I really enjoy the raging Granny's at City Hall!!! How about dance?? :-)

  2. Unfortunately, as countless mayors and city/town council members have experienced too late, the first opportunity constituents often have to voice their opinion is in the voting booth, unless municipal surveys are conducted first and the results are acted upon.. politics


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