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June 6, 2016

Thank you for the Right to Dream and talking to us Alberta!

Members of the Disability Action Hall and friends have been celebrating since Friday, June 3rd with the Right to Dream.

Since then, the Alberta government has announced an affordable housing consultation and has also ended the supports intensity scale interviews to determine supports for PDD services. 

We are very proud we have a government that believes good policy is made with everyone. We are proud to support a government that believes it is "Nothing about us, without us." 

To learn more about the chance to have your say, look at the following: 

Affordable housing Survey, takes only 10 minutes! 

An end to the Supports Intensity Scale (Edmonton Journal, June 6th, 2016)

Municipal Affairs Governance Act Changes (Summer Tour)

These last few days we need to celebrate these great steps! 

Congratulations to all who helped make our dreams of citizenship, a reality! 

And we hope you have your say in the upcoming talks and surveys this summer! 

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