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November 8, 2016

A real big win celebrating all life events for persons with disabilities

Members of the Right to Love Group are very pleased the Alberta Government has amended the "Vital Statistics and Life Events Modernization Act" (Bill 29)

"It is a real step forward for all Albertans and rights a wrong from many years ago."
-Denise Young

The amendment to the act (link to news release) could not have come a better time for the many friends and citizens who happen to also be represented adults in Alberta. 
A real big win celebrating life events
for all Albertans regardless of disability!

Given the November is the month to help reduce family violence, by acknowledging everyone has the right to have a healthy relationship It will help encourage all Albertans to have safe and fulfilling lives.  Historically many persons with developmental disabilities rights to love has been denied.  

"Acknowledging a person’s right to marry is a huge step forward towards recognizing the dignity of person with disabilities to have the same rights as all Albertans. We are very encouraged the Alberta Government that understands there are enough checks and balances within government to assist an individual’s right to choose be married.  We all have the right to love, we all deserve the right to be safe and in happy, healthy relationships."
-Colleen Huston

Members of the Right to Love, The Disability Action Hall and the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, friends and allies from around the province and beyond worked very hard for this amendment and we are very pleased with this symbolic gesture.

Thank you Government of Alberta and to all who helped make this amendment possible.

Here is some of the Right to Love Members answering the question, what is the right to love! 

Congratulations and thank you Alberta Government! 

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