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April 6, 2017

Cleaning up AISH - a response from the Disability Action Hall

The Alberta government overhauling the AISH program is a step in the right direction. However, more steps are needed. Albertans who are currently on the program have not seen an increase in 5 years. It’s time to end the gap between AISH and the poverty line. Hall members react to today's announcement to overhaul the Assured Income for Severely Handicapped (AISH) program. 
Tammy Poirier thanking previous government
who raised AISH five years ago - file photo
 "I would like to see AISH to go up. The cost of living is going up. 
People should not have to fight to get it. When I came from Ontario, I had to wait. It’s a great thing to look at shorter wait times. There are people who apply who have to wait and wait, so less wait time is better, especially when they turn 18 and have severe disability. It is great to improve the wait times and measure how long it takes. If you already have the label, why make people to jump through hoops who already have a diagnosis. They should not have to more evaluations in order to get on it."
- Tammy Poirier, Disability Action Hall member and AISH recipient

Christina says
"It's good to do an overhaul
and support people
with dual diagnosis
"I think they should raise the AISH. Other than that, it is pretty good. I think it is good to do an overhaul. There are lots of people who have dual diagnosis where mental health prevents them from holding a steady job." -Christina Stebanuk, Disability Action Hall member and AISH recipient

"We applaud the government for reviewing AISH. 
A recent study shows Albertans with disabilities incomes are the worst in Canada...

We need to see them review the rates as well as the efficiency and efficacy of the program. It is important to review how well the program works, as well as to ensure it is enough to live on."
-Denise Young, Disability Action Hall member and Ally

The overhaul is a step in the right direction. However, a significant change people need is for the base amount to be indexed to the cost of living. Currently the base amount is not built on what it costs to live a life with dignity in Alberta. 

It's time Alberta! When our province scores a “C” on income for people with disabilities, we need to take action.


  1. Bureaucratic theatrics. Still no increase for AISH recipient's.😠

  2. Yes, AISH needs go go up. A start would be a bump-up to $1650/month. NOW, also, anyone that is on AISH should automatically be eligible for a Rent Subsidy in the region they are in if the government isn't going to give COLA'S every year.
    Another thing that has to change is Albertan's attitudes towards people on AISH. I am fed up with people calling us 'Dippers' (mainly Tories/Wildrosers) because they think that we have never contributed anything towards Taxes, CPP, and other programs, while working, most of us were supporting oil workers and trades people too stupid to save money and going on pogey all the time.
    So a fair compromise would be an increase to $1650, and anyone who lives on their own...automatically qualifies for a rent costs less to live on our own than institutionalized.

  3. Its unreal as meat goes up food in general if not for food bank i dont know how i would eat..A hundred and fifty a month or something

  4. I worked in Oilfied for 36 yrs and paid a lot of taxes,i did not ask to get sick but i did and my life has been turned upside down...If people did get sick they would see how your life is flipped completly upside down...macroni and cheese....cant afford to go to cafe to have a simple coffee..There are a lot of people taking advantage of this program...Get them off they ruin for people who need it

  5. How many more yrs.are we still getting the same amount..i paid into taxes for 22yrs.i had 2 back surgeries and currently I'm under a specialist careplan

  6. I think it would really help if the AB.government and the Feds. and the white collar people need to interview people that Need to be on Aish and Social Assistance


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