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July 17, 2019

3 things you can do to help Keep Calgary Strong

We just finished putting together 200 Keep Calgary Strong buttons for Monday, July 22nd, 2019

1. Join us 
A large group of us will be at Calgary City Hall Council chamber to celebrate strong city services such as police, fire, transit, and crisis services Calgarians depend on. 

Please arrive around 9 am to allow time to be screened by security and to grab a seat.

2. If you cannot make it, then please sign this petition.  And if you can make, sign the petition to help stay in touch with Keep Calgary strong. 

This is Jennifer putting together 200 buttons, 
button takes about 45 seconds each to assemble. Way to go Jen! 

We hope you can join us .

3. Spread the word! 
 If you cannnot come and still want to help besides signing this peition then please share this poster to someone who can join us! 

Please share and arrive early to get past security and to grab a seat! 

Let people know about the Keep Calgary Strong petition and to loan support towards protecting all Calgarians. 

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