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October 17, 2019

Ending Poverty-Tree on Tour! Trees really do talk!

In honour of United Nations  "International Day to Eradicate Poverty" members of the Hall attended  'Blaze Your Own Trail' poetry slam and shared our "Ending Pover-Tree" poem. 

And many thanks to the Poverty Talks organizers of Blaze Your Own Trail and all the busy hands behind the scenes who helped make the evening a safe, welcoming place for all of us to listen to heart felt words and experiences. 

Ending Pover-Tree takes root into community

People who attended the event also added to the growing "Ending Pover-Tree" Our tree is on a road trip. 
Up next? 
We take root at the 'Good Food Alex Community Centre' for breakfast! 

Here is our first poem "Ending Pover-Tree" and stay tuned for our city wide collaborative piece. 

If you would like the tree to hang out in your area, please let us know! 

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