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November 28, 2019

How AISH will be spent in 2020 for the average Calgarian

Saying "After de-indexing, AISH will be the strongest program in Canada" is it an accurate statement?
65 percent is spent on a 1 bedroom in Calgary
How the $1685 of will be spent in Calgary for 2020-
65% on housing, 13 % on food, 12% on utilities, 
3% transportation 2% on clothing 5% for bills and emergencies

Many provinces provide housing, social assistance, and other benefits in several programs, wherein Alberta it is one program. The cost of living varies from one province to the next, from one city center to the next. 

Comparing programs from one province to the next is like comparing apples to oranges. 

It is very difficult to compare province to province how each individual with a severe disability receives social assistance and benefits. We invite data folks to show us this comparison from province to province to territory. 

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