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February 19, 2021

What we will be watching for in Alberta Budget 2021

Members of the Hall will be watching closely as the Alberta government unveils the budget priorities for Spring 2021 which begins at 3:15 pm on Thursday, February 19th, 2021.
We know from public consultation the following questions were asked to Albertans: 
  • reducing costs 
  • prioritizing how revenue should be spent 
  • seeking opportunities for saving 
  • looking for ways to strengthen the economy 

It will take us a while to understand what these priorities may look like for Albertans with disabilities. 

We understand the government was looking at the services offered to Albertans including:
  • Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program, 
  • The AISH and Income Supports Program 
  • Highly regarded services offered under the Community and Social Services Ministry. 

Hall members are also watching for priority investments into: 
  • Affordable, accessible, and safe housing for Albertans 
  • Investments to help support Albertans to work together to address the pandemic

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