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October 27, 2021

Try the Jeopardy Disability Worker Game

Last year several self-advocacy groups and self-advocates were asked "What makes a good worker?" We then took these answers and themed out 5 areas that are important to people with disabilities. We think it is important to share ideas and experiences from people with disabilities to help keep good workers. 

We then summarized these answers in plain language by using a jeopardy game template. If you are a member of the Alberta Disability Worker's Association you might have already seen this game in action at the Annual General meeting. 

We invite you to try the Jeopardy Disability Worker game. You can either play alone or play with friends. 

Good luck! 

Blue rectangle with 5 categories: knows job and me, skilled, approach, character, career" under these categories are dollars numbers from $100 to $500
Play the Disability Worker Jeopardy Game

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