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November 22, 2021

November is Indigenous Disability Month

November is the 7th anniversary of National Indigenous Disability month and it is also time to honor and celebrate the efforts of indigenous persons living with a disability.

We want to celebrate our friend Glenn Crowchief. Glenn wrote his story back in 2017 called the "Powerful Buffalo Silencer." Since then, Glenn has self-published his book. Glenn talks about what it was like to grow up with a disability and live far away from his family and his reserve. Glenn would really like help to get his story out to the media. Glen's dream is to do an awareness walk from his Calgary home, to then walk towards the residential school he attended East of Regina.

Glenn's story talks about falling through the cracks. He also talks about when a person is connected to good services life changes for the better. The British Columbia Aboriginal Disability Network Society (BCANDS) tells us  "The Indigenous population of Canada experiences a disability rate much higher than that of the general population, at approximately 30% to 35%." When you are indigenous and disabled,  it is easier to fall through the cracks trying to get help. 

Many public figures like artist Buffy St. Marie and Prime Minister are helping raise awareness to create a more fair and equal Canada. They tell us why it is important to work on the Disability Inclusion Action Plan and design a Canada Disability Benefit to help address barriers people face to live a good life. 

People are encouraged to download the proclamation (A proclamation is like a formal public announcement) to acknowledge National Indigenous Disability Month. You can then add your name to the proclamation to help raise awareness and share the proclamation widely on social media. 

We are looking forward to more learning in the future. 
If you would like to get in touch with Glenn let us know.
If you might like to learn more contact BCANDS 

BANDS proclamation declaring November as Indigenous Disability Month

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