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May 13, 2022

1-minute message about mental wellness

1-minute message about mental wellness

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Mental health is every day (Image of a seagull in a sunset sky with words scrolling around in half circle)

It is not a one size fits all. (image of seagull  flying across a sunset sky with the words moving around the bird in a half circle)

I want people to know there is other thought processes with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, It is not just about washing hands. (image of a white female in their 30s with brown hair, white skin, dark red sweater looking outside of a window on a rainy day)

It seems so real, so I would do strange behaviour to feel safe. People may not understand all the parts of OCD. (Image of a young adult sitting on a box,  silhouette, sitting alone in the dark)

It is not just about getting over it and move on. We deal with it every second day of the day. (Image on a dark blue background with a yellow square and yellow ball moving around the square clockwise)

I don't have the flu.
our struggles with the healthcare system are real,  especially trauma. 
I am lonely.  I want to be accepted as I am. (Image - Person in black and white holding a hand to their forehead). 

The systems are designed for people to fit a cookie-cutter program. People are complicated.
We are turned down because multiple disabilities are not covered. (Image - dark photo in black and white female holding in their 40s a hand to their forehead).

A lot of mental health programs continue with online services only. 
Human-to-human services contact is zero. (Image: long red hair white female in her 30s wearing a creamy casual outfit leaning on a post gazing near their feet). 

Listen. Learn. Mental health affects a lot of good people. 
Take a course. Watch a film. 
(Image- a black female in their 30s smiling, holding white baby's breath and smiling). 

Ask politicians to fulfill the promises for improved mental health. (Image- microphones at a podium).

A message from the members of the Disability Action Hall. (Image - white desk with felts and markers, with a cut-out drawing of a head with brain and the handwritten words in black pen says 'mental health' surrounded by smaller handwritten words in rainbow colours saying 'optimism, emotions, hope, love, best, control, positive, psychology, life, mood.)

Mental Health messaging by Disability Action Hall

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