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May 26, 2023

Is Alberta calling?

Is Alberta Calling?
Is Alberta calling? by Disability Action Hall

For the Alberta May 2023 Election, members of the Disability Action Hall created "Is Alberta calling?"  to identify election issues in response to the provincial government's ad campaign "Alberta is Calling." The original campaign’s purpose is to help attract people to Alberta. For people considering moving to Alberta, voters, and candidates we have matched the images with a recent set of events, news stories, and research compiled since October 2022 portraying the day-to-day reality.  (Link to PDF)

For the undecided voter, what’s the difference? 

Albertans are now making tougher choices between heat, food, medications, and rent. Since the pandemic, the affordability gap between purchasing power and poverty over the last three years has widened for many middle and lower-income Albertans now struggling to pay for basic needs. 

" Privilege is invisible to those who have it." - Michael Kimmel

Alberta economic review states there are over 4.6 million people who now call Alberta home, the highest growth rate in the country. Due to the strong growth rate, we are now reminding candidates to strike a better balance for Alberta's future by investing in our social safety net. This move will then aid in all Albertan's recovery and be in a better position to thrive: By improving affordable access to health and mental health care, food security, building and retaining more affordable, safe, accessible housing, increasing timely access to social services, having enough money to live, and good governance.

Here is to hoping after this election we can continue to help rebuild a province where all Albertans are proud to say, "This is our home."

For the undecided voters, we encourage you to visit the Alberta Parties at a glance using a poverty reduction lens “tool.”   Good luck with the vote Alberta. 

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