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December 1, 2023

Celebrate International Day for Persons With Disabilities in 3 ways!

Join us as we celebrate International Day for Persons with Disabilities in 3 ways!

1. Tell us what you are proud of. 🙋

We want to know what you are proud of. We answered this question to recognize the United Nations, the official day to recognize Persons with Disabilities worldwide. Watch our 4-minute video here. 

2. Help make rules for the Canada Disability Benefit. 🍁

Send a letter, photo, poem, or video by Thursday, December 21st, 2023, about what a Canada Disability Benefit needs to include. Learn more hereThe direct email address is

*Don't know what to say? Try our worksheet to get you started.

3. Help all Calgarians have warm, heated homes. 💡

Did you know the City of Calgary wants to help everyone have warm, safe, heated homes? It is called Energy Equity. This group wants to hear from you. There is a focus group on December 11th and a survey, too; visit

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