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November 19, 2015

Nothing About Without Us - Bill 205

Members of the Disability Action Hall are supportive of the Private Members Bill 205  which asks that any time the government wishes to make policy changes that impact people's lives to talk to us first. 

We encourage all MLAs to vote in favor of this bill as a great first step to recognize people with disabilities as citizens first.
Why support Bill 205? Its 2015

It is a great first step, and more steps are needed. We have some concerns about the loop holes. The Minister can still decide without asking us if they think a change is trivial or urgent. What the Minister may think is trivial, may be important to us.

Bill 205 speaks about the our rights as citizens and why we need to be treated like everyone else. Until this bill, there have been some laws that treat us differently because of our disability; Despite Alberta has a human rights act, other Alberta laws and practices such as needing a doctors note to get married, minimum wage exemption's to pay us less than minimum wage and forcing our landlords to tell city hall where we live because we have a disability are simply wrong. 

We applaud Bill 205 as a first step to help address the second class treatment of Albertans with disabilities. 

It is 2015. 

It's time we are all treated with equity and fairness like other Albertans. It is just common sense if the government wants to make policies that change our lives, to ask us first. 

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