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August 29, 2017

Celebrating Disability Culture & Pride

Congrats to MP Kent Hehr on your latest appointment, Make us proud! 
 In background MLA Kathleen Ganley as Kent brings greetings at our June 2nd 2017 'Disability Pride Celebration', photo taken by Kathleen Biersdorff
The Disability Action Hall wishes to congratulate Honourable MP Kent Hehr on his latest appointment as the Sports and Disability Issues Minister of Parliament. Kent Hehr has been a strong supporter of the Disability Action Hall, including attending our "Humanity and Me Speak Out 2017, 19th celebration" 

We have had a great summer and we wish to share with a couple of highlights. Our photos from and speech we made celebrating 19 years of disability pride and culture in Calgary . As well a link to our dear friend Thomas' who passed away in January. Enjoy the links! 
Thomas' video "Our Canada, My story" playing at the
National Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg!

Photos from Speak Out, click here

Speech from Speak Out 2017 
(held at the Lougheed House Friday, June 2nd, 2017)

Welcome everybody to our 19 annual Speak out.

19 years ago, we stood on the steps of City Hall to speak up for our Human Rights.
It was our first time being on TV, Speaking out as a Disabled Community.
It was the first protest of many.
Over the years we have moved from more protests to celebration.
We still have things to protest and we have things to celebrate:
  •          Our raise in AISH,
  •          the low-income bus pass,
  •          Fair entry and sliding scale,
  •          Changes to the marriage act,
  •          Stopping cuts to services and
  •          Stopping the unfair safety standards. 
  •          Celebrating in public places to take people on a date with a disability
  •       Getting together to share practice our human rights to the right to love, the right to home, the right to play and many others.
  •      The police use to tell us during our parades to walk faster, and now   they honour the pace we make. 
While we have come a long way, our work is no where near done.

Our dream it never to have to fight to a raise in AISH as it tied to the cost of living, Never having to fight bad policy because the government asks us before they change policy.

Where Canadians will have roofs over our heads that are accessible, affordable and safe.

We hope the accessible Canada legislation will help our country create a better place for everyone.

Happy Speak Out everyone! Lets hope for 19 more!

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