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March 13, 2018

3 Ways to have your say about a Disability Advocate!

By March 31st, the Minister wants to you to tell them in a survey why we need a Disability Advocate Office.

Why do we think this is a good idea? Why would a self-advocacy group want a disability advocate? 

We all have a voice.
Some of us need support to help speak up for ourselves.
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We have been doing self-advocacy for the last 20 years in the province. 

Many of our friends are not lucky enough to come to the weekly meetings at the Disability Action Hall. 

We know there are self-advocacy groups and offices around Alberta. 

But is it enough?

Are you stuck? 

Are you... 

  • Stuck in your home?   
  • Need more than a website to help with a problem you are facing?
  • Find the government too confusing and don't know where to start?
  • Can't afford to pay for a doctors test to help get services?
  • Have been on a wait list too long? 
  • Been turned down for services and don't know why? 
  • Don't know how or where to go for help? 
  • Don't know your rights? 
  • Don't know how the government can help you find services?
  • Want to know how the government is helping people with disabilities year after year?
  • Have a worker but they too don't know how to help you with a problem? 
  • Have friends that can help, but maybe someone could train people around the province to help more? 
Then maybe, you might want to share why we need a disability advocate office. 
We are excited about this chance to share our thoughts about the role of the new office. 

3 ways you can share your ideas


 Do the survey!

1. Try the Survey

If you would like to share your ideas, try the survey
You can also download a version ahead of time by clicking on this link if you need to see the questions ahead of time. 

2. Send an email

3. Use the phone 

Or Use the toll-free number. 

Dial 310-0000 

Then ask or dial (780) 422-1095 

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