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March 16, 2018

Why not share why “On-Demand Taxi Service matters to your City Councillor?

Did you know only about 11% of our taxis are accessible in our City?Some of us have waited more than 90 minutes or up to 5 hours for an on demand taxi. 

We think this needs to change. And you can be of help! 

19% of the Taxis in New York are accessible and have a central dispatch
Last week, Members of the  Disability Action Hall, as well as taxi drivers and Citizens from the community attended the committee and spoke in favour of the recommendations going before council known as "The Accessible Taxi Review". 

What we heard at the meeting: 
  • It costs more to drive an accessible taxi in gas, maintain a ramp and be well trained. 
  • Taxi drivers need more funds to drive accessible taxis 
  • We need more taxi plates also be given funds to keep the accessible taxi plates, we are about 11% of our taxis are accessible. 
  • We also want a central dispatch system to find out when the taxis are coming. 
  • It will funded by a per trip fee on every taxi in the City (.20 cents more). 

On Monday, March 19th City Council will be discussing making 24/7 on demand taxi service a reality. To learn about the report, visit “Accessible Taxi Review” (Item CPS2018-0127)

How you can help....
Why not share why “On Demand Taxi Service matters to your City Councillor?

This weekend, we ask if you also support the recommendations, to either
1.  Call 311 or contact your City Councillor to support the recommendations going forward.
2.     Email the Office of City Councillors:

picture of speeding wheelchair on blue background

The official language of the recommendations are below. 

1.     Receive the report for information
2.     Endorse the Phase 1 Accessible Incentive Program Framework in Attachment 1 and direct Administration to:
a. Fund the incentive through a per-trip fee applied to all taxi and Transportation Network Companies trips;
b. Bring forward amendments to the Livery Transport Bylaw 6M2007 based on this option no later than 2018 Q3;

3.     Direct Administration to monitor the effectiveness of the Accessible incentive Program for up to two years and report back to Council, through the SPC on Community and Protective Services, no later than 2020 Q2; and
4. Direct Administration to explore options related to a pilot central dispatch approach including but not limited to:
a. Considering innovative technologies; and
b. Utilizing Calgary Transit Access or other existing mechanisms as a dispatch resource.

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