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April 3, 2018

Photo Challenge! How we make Calgary safe winter for all?

Its' time to put your cameras to good use. 

Help us tell the story how we roll in snow & ice in Calgary!
This past winter, many of us stayed indoors. ❆
Can Calgary do better? ⛄

We think so.
Help us make Calgary a safer City for all. 

We hope to collect stories, poetry, letters and photos to help pass a notice of motion June 7th, 2018 (Yes 'Snow in June'). 

Email us your story or photo! 
Or if you like, print this picture  write a sentence or two, then send it back to us before April 25th, 2018! 

Tell us how snow removal would help make your life better in Calgary

And if you want to come and talk to council to support the motion get ready for Thursday, June 7th! 

Tell us how better snow removal creates a safer community for you! Due April 25th, 2018

Here is what the motion asks for (plainer language version)

1. Fines for failure to clear your sidewalk with the existing 24-hour rules.

2. Update snow removal to be the same as the new 'Pedestrian Strategy'

3. Identification of a high-priority network for clearing so that Calgarians can reach transit, shops, schools, offices, and other major destinations.

4. More coordination between City departments.

5. Faster times for City to clear snow just like home owners and business.

6. Ways to look at snow removal on Calgary’s 78 km of walkways.

7. Guidelines for clearing wheelchair ramps, curb cuts, and sidewalk crossings of lanes.

8. Improved 311 phone, website, and mobile app reporting.

9. Make sure there is a plan for winter snow removal fund for City departments whenever new place is built.

10. Ways to help Calgarians who are unable to clear shared space with the City property and their property. 

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