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April 27, 2018

What would Groot do? Fair Access for all YYC & YEG Comic Con Image from Marvels 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy

Members have asked to post the petition titled "Fair Accessibility Policy for Fan Expo Events' when we did not understand why FanExpo Canada changed its access policy.  Especially when we read the words of the loyal fans from Alberta Cosplayers with Disabilities that said on a petition site... 

We realize that many able-bodied people think it isn't fair to allow us to use the VIP/fast lines without "paying" the monetary price, but I assure you that we have more than paid the price for that spot in line through pain and quality of life. No one asks to have a disability, they are not "fair". Any one of us would gladly exchange our place in the fast line with someone in the regular line if they also took our reason for being there (disability/illness).

-Laura Taylor, Brain Tumour Survivor and co-founder of "Alberta Cosplayers with Disabilities"

Article: For the full CBC article, please see here 

Again we are puzzled... as some of our friends can only be away from medical care for a limited time and cannot stay in line too long. Why would a company want to deny access with dignity?

We are confused at the lack of insight why a company wishes to take something fun to a place that make us feel left out. Especially when the comic book industry is based on superheros who share similar journeys we can identify with...Take Groot for example... 
-Groot is often misunderstood and yet can make 4 words mean so many things.
- Sometimes little Groot needs help getting around and friends help out.
-Groot like ourselves learns what makes us extraordinary is awesome. 
-And in the meantime, saves the world.

Now who wouldn't want to be part of that? 

So what would Groot do? 

"I am Groot!" Translation: Sign the petition, we all have the right to have fun.

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