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November 29, 2018

Whole People, Whole Lives - PDD Review report to Committee

Members of the Disability Action Hall presented at the PDD review on November 29th, 2018. Hall Members shared notes from the October conference  Albertans Advocating for Change Together to the committee. If you want a copy of the report to read, you can download a copy of AACT's raw data report please click here.

Our presentation: 

Due to limited time to read the full report and talk about the contents, members of the Hall identified 25 top concerns to present at the Committee. We call it "Whole People, Whole Lives". We shared this messages in the form of a puzzle. 

Why a puzzle? 

'Whole People, Whole Lives' is a puzzle with a powerful message. We need to work with one another beyond a piece of the ourselves or the problem. We need to build services from the person and out instead of top down. In order for all us to get the big picture and solve the challenges, we all have to work together to stay connected. 

Try the Puzzle: 

If you would like to try the puzzle, visit the Kristanix Website and download 'Jigsaw Puzzle Epic' and upload the photo below set to 25 pieces. The app works on most devices and computers.  If you need help paying for the promo code, let us know by emailing us and we will send you one. 

Have fun! And let's build community!

Whole People, Whole Lives

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