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January 17, 2020

Our response how to make sure Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities helps all who need it

The government tells us there are now more people who need help with Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program but may not getting any more money to help people. 
They asked us what to do. 
To see the questions asked visit this link. 

People talking to each other and sharing ideas
How does the government help more people with no increase in the budget?
Here are just some of our responses. 
To see more, visit this link (2 pages)  

  • We think the PDD Budget needs more money, 
  • A plan is needed and built by the community. 
  • We also don't like to pit one person who has greater needs against another person who has fewer. 
  • We think if the government follows our advice to what we said in the PDD review and looked at us as whole people, whole lives... it will help keep costs down. 
  • Picture of a person and their worker surrounded by ideas
    Whole People, Whole Lives 2018 PDD Review
  • If the government turns away people, then it will cost more money down the road.

We appreciate the government asked what to do. 

People can send their ideas to John Stinson and Jason Chance 

Nothing about us, without us! 

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